Parking is in a decent car park underneath Fan Gyhirych, but bear in mind that this route ends at Carreg Cadno because I wild camped for the night and returned back to the car via a different route the next day.

Carreg Cadno
Summit view back towards Fan Gyhirych. | Minolta MD 35-70 @ 35mm, f8.

The route takes you briefly along the main road – you can walk safely on the grassy verge – before you turn up a smaller single track road. You then turn onto a gravel road that takes you up into the mountains.

Carreg Cadno
You can see the gravel road winding up towards Fan Gyhirych. | Minolta MD 35-70 @ 35mm, f8.

We walked to Fan Nedd and Fan Gyhirych first, before picking up this gravel road again and following it down towards Carreg Cadno. To get to Carreg Cadno you do need to cross a couple of barbed-wire fences, there are a couple of spots where it is fairly low so you can step over it with a bit of care.

Carreg Cadno
View towards Pen y Fan. | Minolta MD 35-70 @ 35mm, f8.

The summit is very rocky and gives you good views in every direction, including down to the sea. A nice hill, we wild camped in a sheltered spot of which there seemed to be a few as the hilltop is craggy and has lots of lumps and bumps.

Carreg Cadno
Corn Du and Pen y Fan snowcapped in the distance. | Minolta MD 35-70 @ 70mm, f8.

A good hill, in can be walked from a few directions and the Beacons Way trail crosses not far below the summit.

Carreg Cadno
The view towards the sea. A very rocky summit. | Minolta MD 35-70 @ 35mm, f8.
The next morning was grey and misty, spot the tents at the bottom of the picture. | Minolta MD 35-70 @ 35mm, f8.
First trip out with my new Nordisk Svalbard 1 PU. | Minolta MD 35-70 @ 35mm, f8.