I’ve owned a tripod for quite a long time, a rather hefty Manfrotto one with a ballhead and even a full Gimbal for long lenses. I’ve rarely used it for anything other than shooting with big primes because it is too heavy and large to talk out walking – so the creative side of photography with slow shutter speeds has always been something I couldn’t do when out and about.

After downsizing my walking gear – starting with a Lowepro Flipside Trek BP 250 AW backpack and fitting into it my Sony A7ii and a couple of small primes (Asahi Pentax Super Takumar 35mm f3.5 & Sigma Superwide II 24mm f2.8 for example) – I decided I really wanted to invest in a good ND filter and go shoot some waterfalls. So I had a compact back pack and some small primes, so I needed a tripod that was equally small and light.

After some extensive research it seemed the choice was obvious, the tiny and light Sirui T-025X Carbon Fibre tripod and C-10S ball head. The specifications are impressive: it weighs just 830 grams, including the ball head, which despite its tiny size can hold up to 13kg (although the legs can ‘only’ take 6kg) and packs down to just 30 cm in height. It’ll set you back around £200 and you need to be careful because some sellers offer the older C-10X ballhead in the package instead of the updated C-10S.

From the moment you start unpacking the box you know you have purchased a quality bit of kit. It seems robust, well made and sturdy and the legs extend smoothly and lock tightly and the design is very clever to maximise height when extended and minimise it when packed.

The Setup: It’s easy to get the camera stable and level using the easily deployed and locked legs and ballhead.

The resulting image: Asahi Pentax Super Takumar f3.5 @ f8, Hoya Pro ND 1000, 15 sec.











The best thing about this tripod – and getting your gear into a more compact shape in general – is that it is always with you when you’re out and about. I’ve used this tripod more than any other because it is with me. If you have a mirrorless camera and want a lightweight, compact and high quality tripod and I can’t recommend this highly enough.