I’ve a vague idea that I’m going to try and walk as many Welsh mountains as possible, taking snaps as I go along and posting a list here of each one.

There are, according to this list, 188 peaks in Wales over 610m, which is one of main classifications of an official mountain – in Wales there are many hills that are known as mountains locally, even if they are not.

I will start listing them below in numerical order, filling in the – very, very many at this stage, blanks as I go!

Completed so far: 29/189 (one has since been added and I have walked it).

*This is a newly added mountain not on the original list of 188 I was working from, so it would come in at number 34, but that throws off any mountain below it by one, so I will leave it at 34 with this note, rather than re-number all of the others.

**Fan y Big has been downgraded and is no longer a mountain. I am leaving it on this list anyway, just because.