I finally got around to cleaning my filthy sensors and it was only 50% successful. My initial thoughts on my Eyelead sensor cleaning kit proved to be rather prophetic: ‘With the A6000, it was really sticking and had to be almost peeled off each time…’ and so this time it did actually peel off the glass from the sensor to leave behind some rather large bubbles.

Less dust, but that’s pretty knackered.

Googling told me that it was an expensive fix and not worth it, so I could pay to turn the lens into an infrared camera – as the glass is replaced and the issue resolved – but I didn’t really fancy that.

Instead I changed direction – and tempted ruining the name of this website – by deciding that after years of owning two Sony Mirrorless cameras and using only manual focus lenses I would try a bridge camera. My thought was that I do a lot of hiking and normally carry my A6000 with a Nikon 300mm f4 ED IF for wildlife and a pretty decent macro and my A7ii for landscape, with the Zeiss Loxia 21/2.8 and normally the Voigtlander 65mm f2 Macro in the bag.

This is quite heavy overall and with the demise of the A6000 I just fancied trying a camera that could do it all and offered some conveniences like autofocus and a fixed lens that didn’t get filthy over time. Some Ebaying and Gumtreeing later and I’d shifted almost all my lenses and the A6000 and picked up a Sony RX10 IV bridge camera. Headline figures: 1″ sensor, 24fps shooting with focus system based on that offered in the Sony A9 coupled with a Carl Zeiss 35mm equivalent 24-600mm f2.4-4 lens.

A camera that you can shove in the bag and have every possible need covered – except very low light work. I came close to selling my A7ii, but it remains with the Loxia 21/2.8 my sole manual focus lens – albeit needing repair as it is locked at infinity at the moment. I’m now definitely keeping the A7ii and will be investing in some manual glass again and focusing on Landscapes with it. The RX10 IV will be my hiking camera (but I’m sure the A7ii will be in the bag for any landscape needing the goodness of full frame.

Anyway, I am updating all of the broken links and images on the website, but it will take some time as I have a lot of content on here…

The RX10 IV feels like cheating, having as it does not just a crazy range, but also very quick autofocus.