Mynydd Gethin is a 491m hill above Abercanaid to the East and Cwmbach to the West. It is also home to Bike Park Wales, a huge operation that deposits hundreds and hundreds of learners to the summit of Mynydd Gethin each day so they can ride down a huge variety of tracks down the hill, ranging from beginner trails to extreme and pro ones.

Mynydd Gethin
Looking back to Twyn Brynbychan down the ‘Beast of burden’ trail, the one that takes cyclists from the bottom to the top if they don’t choose to take the minibus. | Tamron Adaptall SP 24-48 @ 24mm, f11.

I walked Mynydd Gethin as per the route above, walking the ridgeway from Twyn Brynbychan, a great walk that eventually leads you into the forest that houses Bike Park Wales.

Mynydd Gethin
The ‘Beast of burden’ trail heading up to the trig point. | Tamron Adaptall SP 24-48 @ 24mm, f11.

This walk takes you up the ‘Beast of Burden’ trail, the last, straight stretch to the top of the bike park – situated a few metres from the trig point. Cyclists are going slowly on this trail as it is the last of the ascent they are making. When you reach the top you’ll see the number of bike trail starting points, from easy tracks for new riders through to extreme and pro trails.

If you look on the OS map you’ll see footpaths marked out, I am going to suggest none of these are safe anymore due to constant high speed descents by cyclists – and I mean constant. There is a minibus service up to near the trig point and I saw bus after bus after bus dropping off full loads of bikers ready to descend down one of the many trails.

Ridgeway Walk
The view West, when you get out of the trees surrounding Mynydd Gethin trig point. | Tamron Adaptall SP 24-48 @ 24mm, f11.

The trig point is hidden away in a tiny clearing, I took two photos and headed on, feeling a bit out of place as the only person without a bike. I headed down to the main forestry track and followed that – and watched the many buses pass me by on their trips up and down – until eventually you get back onto a forest track and away from the hustle and bustle of the bike park.

Mynydd Gethin
Mynydd Gethin trig point. | Tamron Adaptall SP 24-48 @ 24mm, f11.