Mynydd y Grug is officially recorded as being 355m high, however, the top has had a spoil tip added to it, taking the peak above 370m.

Wind Power
The track up from Pontllainfraith provides an open and steady ascent to the Spoil-tip-top of Mynydd y Grug. | Tokina AT-X 50-250 @ 50mm, f8.

The Rhymney Valley Ridgeway walk skirts this hill, so the track is generally well signposted and as it is common land you can take different tracks to get better views from some of the lumps on the way up.

View roughly North from the walk up to Mynydd y Grug. | Tokina AT-X 50-250 @ 50mm, f8.

The views from the top in every direction are really worth the walk. You can see the English coast very clearly and all of Newport Wetlands and the power plant.

Bristol Channel
Newport wetlands and English coast – note the almost volcanic surface of the summit. | Tokina AT-X 50-250 @ 250mm, f8.

You also get good views of Caerphilly and its famous castle, as well as views North to Pen y Fan on a clear day.

Caerphilly Castle
Caerphilly Castle. | Tokina AT-X 50-250 @ 250mm, f8.
Brecon Beacons
Pen y Fan and the Brecon Beacons. | Tokina AT-X 50-250 @ 250mm, f8.

This is a really good hill to walk up, it is accessible via a cobweb of footpaths and some dirt roads. You can walk from the bottom of surrounding valleys, or park on the lower part of the ridgeway and walk the last part.