Mynydd Dimlaith is a small 224m high hill just above Llanbradach. It can be walked from a number of different directions as the area is riddled with public footpaths. I decided to park up near the communications tower on top of the ridgeway to walk this short loop.

The ridgeway is home to lots of small birds. | Sony RX10iv.

Starting with broad views of surrounding valleys and open tracks, you move into some classic country walking, zig-zagging down towards Mynydd Dimlaith.

Valley View
Open tracks and blue skies. | Minolta MD 28mm f3.5 @ f8.

The track takes you up to the highest point of Mynydd Dimlaith – which is essentially just brambles and small trees – but the walk to complete the loop is through lightly wooded areas, covered in bluebells.

Country path
Some of the best tracks I’ve walked in the area. | Minolta MD 28mm f3.5 @ f8.
Mynydd Dimlaith
Mynydd Dimlaith is covered in trees and brambles so does not offer good views from the top. | Minolta MD 28mm f3.5 @ f8.

The paths are easy to follow and some of the best I’ve walked in the area as they have trees / plants aplenty as opposed to the moor open moorlands on most ridgeways.

Mynydd Dimlaith
The top is not marked, but I think this small tree is where a trig point would be placed. | Minolta MD 28mm f3.5 @ f8.

A really good track, just beware the Mynydd Dimlaith is nice to look at, but not much pleasure in ascending as you can’t see much due to tree cover.

Country Walk
Bluebell woodlands and proper country paths make this loop a good one. | Sony RX10iv
On the fence
Back towards the top of the ridgeway you’ll see plenty of small birds. | Sony RX10iv