The Medart is a distinct hill above Cwmcarn and Crosskeys, next to the much more popular Twmbarlwm. Due to the nature of the route up to the top of Medart it makes sense to also walk Twmbarlwm, which is the route I have produced above.

The footpaths skirt the Medart and lead you towards Twmbarlwm as you head upwards. | Minolta MD 35-70 @ 35mm, f8.

You can park at Cwmcarn Forest Drive or in Cwmcarn itself, there are several routes up following roads or wide paths. Just beware that there are several dedicated cycle routes down, these are clearly marked and you should not attempt to walk up them. The footpaths are clearly marked as such, however, these are mixed-use paths so you will still encounter cyclists, but they should be considerate of walkers.

The paths are steep in every direction, so be prepared for some breathless sections if you choose a direct route. | Minolta MD 35-70 @ 35mm, f8.

The Medart itself is ringed by newly resurfaced roads that make up part of the Cwmcarn Forest Drive, that has been shut for several years but is clearly being readied for reopening.

The Road
Newly resurfaced road was my route down the Medart. | Minolta MD 35-70 @ 35mm, f8.

The views as you snake up these roads and skirt around the Medart are really nice because the sides of the Medart are steep.

The road up, with Machen Mountain in the distance. | Minolta MD 35-70 @ 35mm, f11.

The top of the Medart is partially covered in trees, but the rest is open grassland. Signs of fires over the last couple of years are apparent in places. There is also the starting point of one of the cycling routes down – this is a renowned place for mountain biking which is why the car parks are often full at the bottom.

Lonely Tree, Medart
Signs of fire damage and a lonesome tree. | Minolta MD 35-70 @ 50mm, f11.

The highest point is marked by a broken wooden bench, which can still be sat on and offers good views.

Medart top. | Minolta MD 35-70@ 35mm, f11.
Pen y Fan in the distance. | Minolta MD 35-70@ 70mm, f11.

This is a good walk and highly recommended, the Medart is not as impressive as Twmbarlwm, but well worth ticking off nonetheless.

Medart viewed from the walk up Twmbarlwm. | Minolta MD 35-70 @ 35mm, f8.