Craig y Felin is a 352m hill above Deri. This route offers good parking in the evenings, but the car park is only small so on weekends it will probably be more difficult. The track is easy to follow – if you ignore my route up and instead follow my advice in the track details above!

Evening Walk
The walk starts out on a wide tarmac path with ponds to one side and plenty of benches to relax on. | Tamron Adaptall 2 35-135 (40A) @ 35mm, f8.

There are a few ponds alongside the start of the route and the tarmac path is wide and smooth, leading you down to another wide path and cycle route – that if followed would take you to Parc Cwm Darran. Do not turn off at the point in which I did, as finding a path up that way in the bracken is difficult. Instead continue on until you get the marked footpath in Deri, which offers a clear path and fairly gentle ascent.

The view to Deri when I finally intercepted the footpath on my scramble. | Tamron Adaptall 2 35-135 (40A) @ 35mm, f8

The footpaths are clearly marked, with maintained stiles and gates. There are some pleasant fields with the occasional horse taking you, via an old lane, to the country road. You can follow this around to the open access land and multiple paths up to the top.

Warm Light
Zoom into the middle of this photo and you’ll see the carpark where the route begins. | Tamron Adaptall 2 35-135 (40A) @ 35mm, f8

The summit is not marked at all, so you can wander to the point indicated by the OS map to snap some photos.

Craig y Felin
Looking South from the top. | Tamron Adaptall 2 35-135 (40A) @ 35mm, f8
Craig y Felin
Looking North-ish at the setting sun. | Tamron Adaptall 2 35-135 (40A) @ 35mm, f8

I made the route more of a loop by following the country road around and down to Deri, picking up the cycle route and back to the car the same way from there. A nice little walk and a decent hill.

Craig y Felin
Looking South from Craig y Felin. | Tamron Adaptall 2 35-135 (40A) @ 35mm, f8