This website is the new home for all of the content from, which has been abandoned after Sony stopped using that branding for it’s mirrorless cameras. It has been updated – a lot – and now has a formal review structure, accessible via the main menu.

I acquired and played with a lot of lenses last year and have a few reviews still to write (as well as updates to reviews of those lenses I’ve now used for quite some time), but I hope to slow down the turnaround of lenses and actually take more photos.

I now shoot with a full frame Sony A7ii and Sony A6000 so I can actually review wide angle lenses as intended, whilst still getting the benefits of the extra reach of long lenses with the A6000.

This site does serve a second purpose, and that is to make my work available to buy on request. I haven’t quite decided how to go about that yet, but when I do, expect some new menu options regarding this. Obviously, my USP is that I only shoot with old manual focus glass. Maybe that will appeal to people, maybe it will not; time will tell.