Well, I haven’t blogged for a while but I have been busy changing lenses and downsizing my collection. I’ve been trying to focus on selling on lenses that I rarely use in the pursuit of a small collection of lenses that serve a specific purpose – and that actually get used.

To this end I’ve started to sell on my much-loved Tamron Adaptall SP series lenses – the SP 400mm f4 and 300mm f2.8 are no more – in favour of a Canon New FD 500mm f4.5L. For a casual wildlife lens when travelling light I’m using a Canon New FD 100-300mm f5.6L – which has a pretty decent macro feature between 100-200mm on my Sony A6000. For a walkaround lens I am using a Tamron SP 24-135mm on my Sony A7ii.

If I am out specifically to shoot wildlife / nature, then I take the Canon New FD 500mm f4.5L on my Sony A6000 and my Canon New FD 200mm f4 Macro on my Sony A7ii.

I have a 14mm Sigma wide angle, which I’ve hardly used, but is a nice option for ultra-wide photography. I also still have my Tamron Adaptall SP 80-200mm f2.8 LD and SP 180mm f2.5 – both of which I am considering selling. I have also added a Canon New FD 80-200mm f4L to my collection (for the second time, my first copy had a focusing issue that made macro work very difficult).

My lens collection has moved away from Tokina SD / AT-X and Tamron Adaptall SP / LD lenses towards Canon L series lenses simply because the performance of the Canon is unbeatable in my opinion. Whilst I believe the Tokina and Tamron lenses are very, very capable lenses, their low or super low dispersion elements just do not work that well on digital sensors. The Canon UD and fluorite elements do. That is the difference.

I’ll be out shooting more with L series lenses soon – including using a properly working 80-200mm f4L – and will have to decide whether to move on my remaining Tamron SP glass. I’ll update all reviews when I get the chance.